Why is Delta 8 legal and not Delta 9?

There is a strong market for both Delta products, and many people are curious about its legal status. Why is delta 8 legal and not delta 9?

There are more than 100 cannabinoids in cannabis and it seems each are getting their share of the spotlight. We know that Delta 9 THC is illegal on a federal level, despite potential health benefits. Hemp-derived Delta 8 is legal due to a recent U.S court of Appeals ruling. But why is this? Let's take a closer look.

If you have heard of Delta 8, chances are you've heard of its controversial legal status. Why is Delta 8 THC legal and not delta 9? How are they different?

why is delta 8 legal and not delta 9

What is delta-8?

Delta-8 THC has many of the same effects as delta-9 THC.

Delta-9 THC is a chemical in the cannabis plant that produces euphoria when consumed by humans. It's what most people mean when they say "THC" (which stands for “Tetrahydrocannabinol”).

Although delta-8 is similar to delta-9 THC, its chemical structure makes it significantly less potent.

Quick Look: Latest Developments

Why is Delta 8 legal and not Delta 9?

Delta 8 is legal because hemp is legal. That is a pretty simplistic view of it, but there’s more to it. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp is legal to cultivate and sell. This extends to products derived from hemp as well.

In July 2022, the FDA clarified that Delta 8 products derived from hemp are legally allowed to be sold. But, of course, always check your state laws. State laws could contradict federal laws, and as such, Delta 8 could be restricted in your area. Have a look at this map to see if Delta 8 is legal in your state.

Let’s unpack this complicated legal status.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation and sale of hemp. But, hemp and its extracts need to have no more than 0.3 percent delta-9 THC content.

The Farm Bill creates what is considered a loophole for products derived from hemp, i.e, Delta 8 products. That is to say, as long as these products contain less than 0.3% THC (Delta 9).

However, delta-8 THC is largely made by converting cannabidiol (CBD) into it synthetically.

Delta-8 THC may be a good option for people who want to avoid the intense psychoactive effects of delta-9 THC. Although Delta 8 is psychoactive, it is less potent than Delta 9 THC.

Sure, Delta-8 THC is thought to be less potent than delta-9. But further research into its effects could help us understand the possible side effects of ingesting this compound.

As for the difference in legality, it depends on how the Delta 8 is made. Delta 8 is legal if it is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC (Delta 9).

Why Should You Try Delta 8 Products?

Delta-8 THC has similar effects to delta-9, producing feelings of euphoria and relaxation—but they're a lot milder. For people who don't want to experience a pronounced “high,” the lower potency may be beneficial.

Will delta-8 get you ‘high’?

Delta-8 is a type of cannabinoid that, like delta-9 THC (the main chemical in marijuana), causes euphoria. However, some people find its effects milder than those produced by traditional cannabis.

You can read our detailed article on Does Delta8 Make You High.

Here's what you can expect if you use Delta 8 THC.

These are the effects of using Delta 8:

  • A high or euphoria similar to THc, but much more clear-headed
  • Improved concentration and focus.
  • A feeling of calm contentment and well-being
  • Heightened appetite.

Most people report feeling energized and uplifted after taking Delta 8. People also say it tends to relieve anxiety and produce a calm feeling. Some even say that Delta 8 gives them a feeling of weightlessness as if all their burdens have been lifted.

In most cases, these effects take time to manifest.

The length of time it takes to feel the effects pretty much depends on how you ingest a Delta 8 product. Edibles, for example, can take up to an hour and a half for you to feel the effects. But once the effects take hold, they can last for as long as 8 hours.

Another important consideration is the quality of a product. Poorly produced, lower-quality Delta 8 products may not produce as many desired effects. They could even produce less desirable side effects.

For this reason, choosing a quality product should be your number one goal when looking for a Delta 8 product.

Coolout takes great care with the ingredients it uses, and makes sure its product is tested for purity.

Coolout Delta 8 Products

Coolout derives Delta 8 from GMO-free hemp. This hemp is grown on certified organic farms. One thing you need to look out for is brands that offer a viewable certificate of Analysis (COA). Coolout offers easy-to-find COAs on their website, so you know exactly what you're buying and putting into your body.

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a branch of science that deals with the manipulation of matter on an atomic or molecular scale.

Water-soluble nanotechnology makes Delta 8 more available for your body to absorb so that you can feel its effects sooner rather than later.

Some companies make Delta 8 drinks without using innovative technology like Coolout. Without it, the fat-soluble CBD compounds do not mix well with the water-based drink. This will render the product inefficient, at best. But not Coolout–they use nanotechnology so that you can feel the effects of Delta 8 in as little as 15 minutes!

This means that Coolout uses technology to make the compounds in their products more bioavailable. So, you get more bang for your buck!

Come find your delicious Delta 8 beverage that's cool, clean and refreshing—without harsh sweeteners or chemicals. Check out the Coolout shop and receive 15% off your first order.

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