Does Delta 8 Make You High?

There are over 100 naturally occurring compounds, called cannabinoids, found in cannabis and hemp plants. Delta 8 is one of those cannabinoids. Today we will delve into the topic: Does Delta 8 Make You High?

Delta 8 THC has become extremely popular over the past five years. The main reason is that it's legal in all but 13 states and its effects are milder than pure flower cannabis. So inexperienced users or people who find cannabis to be "too much" find Delta 8 to be the perfect formula.

There are several ways to consume Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 will cause you to feel high. The more you consume, the more you will feel the effects. Drinking is one of the best because it only takes about 15 minutes for most people to start feeling the effects. Additionally, it's very discrete unlike vaping or smoking.

Does Delta 8 Make You High

The first question most people as is "will delta 8 actually get me high?" The answer and as discussed above “Yes”! It will cause you to feel high, although the sensation is less intense than that produced by Delta 9 THC, or organic THC.

The high you experience will be much more subdued than if you smoked marijuana or used other THC products such as joins or edibles. Delta 8 gives you more of a clear-headed high and for most people do not cause paranoia.

How High Can Delta-8 THC Get You?

Delta-8 THC can cause euphoria. As a psychoactive substance, it can provide a high. However, the high is not as powerful as that caused by traditional THC. People have reported the milder effects of Delta 8 are preferable for day to day usage.

Delta-8 THC is a preferred cannabinoid amongst social drinkers and people who like to be discrete about THC usage. It is also preferable because of its smooth and non-intoxicating high. Delta-8 THC is especially desirable in situations when you want the THC feeling without the smell of smoke.

Alternatives for Taking Delta 8 THC

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Delta-8 THC's Effects on Different Types of Users

A typical Delta-8 first-time user's experience

Delta-8 THC is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis legally and in a more mild way.

Users who are new to marijuana will appreciate the intoxicating high, which is characterized by a sense of euphoria and giddiness. Other users have reported increases in pain mitigation and the ability to gain a good night's sleep.

With that in mind it’s important to remember everyone is different. Some people may find delta-8 THC to be too mild. It all depends on body composition and tolerance to THC compounds. The good news is that all you have to do is drink another can if you’d like to feel more effects.

Effects of Delta-8 on People Who Have Used Delta 8 Before

Delta-8 THC users like it because it is a more laid-back and chill vibe. Delta-8 users that have never used the cannabinoid before claim that they prefer delta-8's subtle and calm effects. It will still make them high, but not too high.

Delta 8 users who have stopped using Delta 8 are able to consume Delta 8 again with no adverse reactions. Most users report that their experience with Delta 8 was pleasant and enjoyable. Delta 8 THC's strength, however, may vary depending on your body composition and chemical make up as well as your tolerance to cannabis.

Is 10 mg of Delta 8 A Lot?

10 mg of Delta 8 is considered a standard starting dosage for new users. While a higher dose is more suitable for heavyweight users and those with higher tolerance to delta 8 THC.

Like with any medication, there are several variables to consider in order to figure out how long the effects of delta-8 THC will last. Body weight, age, tolerance, and other factors may contribute to this. Because delta-8 THC is less powerful, some people claim that it does not have as long of an impact. 

The quality and purity of delta-8 THC also have an impact as will the quantity consumed. This is one of the many reasons why purchasing delta-8 THC only from reputable suppliers like is very important.

Finally, the duration of delta-8 THC's effect is also determined by dosage. However, going up to a higher amount to achieve a longer impact could be harmful. It's recommended to only drink another can when the effects start to wane.

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